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The following page contains instructions about installing the mod and additional dependencies.


  • Grand Theft Auto V (we do not support pirated games)
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • Microsoft Windows (latest suggested)

Finding your installation

Rockstar Games Launcher

Browse to "Settings" then find 'Grand Theft Auto V' in the sidebar under your installed games and click on the button at "View installation folder".



Browse to your library, right-click on 'Grand Theft Auto V' then goto properties. In the properties window browse to "Local Files" and click "Browse Local Files..."


First off all, make sure you download the latest version of the mod from the official website at Unzip all the files to your 'scripts' folder, if this folder doesn't already exist create it.



The mod requires ScriptHookV to work, you can download the required files from the dev-c website. Look for the "Download" and unzip all the files from the "bin" directory to root folder of your Grand Theft Auto V installation.


The mod also requires ScriptHookVDotNet which uses ScriptHookV, you can download the requires files from shvdn github releases page download the latest and unzip all files to root folder of your Grand Theft Auto V installation.