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The following page contains instructions about setting up a Gtacoop server for Windows or Linux and the different configuration options


To setup a Windows server browse to the downloads page and download the latest windows server binaries, after downloading unzip the files somewhere on your computer for this example we will be using C:\Users\Indra\Desktop\server. Afrer unzipping the file we have to run our server once so it can create all required files. Run the gtaserver.core.exe and wait till your server is running it (it's probally running after seeing "Starting main server loop, ready to accept connections"). Now quit the server and browse to the folder Configuration in this folder there should be a file called serverSettings.xml, edit it with a suitable editor like Notepad++, Notepad or Atom (no wordpad or something) For more info about configuration see #Configuration. After editing the configuration start the server again and you would be good to go.


For the Linux tutorial basic Linux knowledge is required, start by logging in to your server by ssh or open bash and type wget this should download a zip with all the files you need move it to /home/user for example by using mv and unzip the file then cd into it and type chmod +x gtaserver.core now run ./gtaserver.core wait till it's running and press ctrl+c again to quit. Now you can edit the server configuration like described below, after run the server again using the same command and your server should be running. For running your server in the background or while ssh is closed use pm2 or screen.


The server configuration can be set in the serverSettings.xml file located in the Configuration folder, there are a couple of properties which can be set described below.


The port which the server will be run on (Default: 4499)


The max amount of clients (players) which can join the server (Default: 16)


The gamemode which the server will use, to use other gamemodes you must write or install a plugin which will register the gamemode (Default: freeroam)


The name of the server (Default: GTACoOp Server)


If the server should use the default permission/authentication system using /login, /register


The server password, if empty none set (Default: empty)


The first masterserver which the server will be announced to, used for server browser (Default:


The second masterserver same as above


If the server will announce to the masterservers so it can appear in the server browser (Default: true)


If nicknames are allowed by players, if set to false socialclub usernames will be used (be beware most cracked game use the same "socialclub" names like Player or nosTEAM) (Default: true)


If clients with an older version of Gtacoop are allowed to join (Default: false)


If the server has debugmode enabled (Default: false)


The message which will be send to the player after joining, if empty disabled (Default: Welcome to this GTA CooP server!)


A list of plugins which should be loaded from the Plugins folder


A list used to set the following variables:

  • tickEvery (Default: 10)