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The following installation instructions will help you get GTA CooP running. This guide is, else than the server, only valid for Windows, since GTA V (obviously) isn't available for any other computer operation system (e.g. Linux).


You need to have the following things (set up, installed and working) in order to be able to use GTA CooP.

  • Grand Theft Auto V (pirated games won't work!)
  • ScriptHookV
  • ScriptHookVDotNet
  • An internet connection
  • Port 4499 (default port for server connections)


First off all, make sure you got all requirements. If you don't have them all set up and checked, GTA CooP will probably not work. Got it? Than lets move on ...

  1. Download the modification from there: Downloads
  2. Go to your existing Grand Theft Auto V installation directory and check if there is a folder existing called scripts.
  3.  :If no, create this folder and name it scripts.
  4.  :If yes, continue to the next instruction.
  5. Move the previously downloaded file in this folder (scripts).
  6. Unzip/Extract the .zip file.
  7. It should now look like this: click me. (Don't worry if the file ClientSettings.xml is not there - it will be generated on the first startup!)
  8. Your scripts folder should now look similiar as on the picture.
  9. Ok, that should be it! Now start up your game normally and check if you can open the menu by pressing F9!

That's it - simple, right? Have fun using GTA CooP!